Friday, July 11, 2014

Seven Quick Gardening Takes

My garden exists to make you feel better about your garden.

1) Don't these look pretty? I took this on Tuesday, um, when I brought them home from the greenhouse.
25% off, and 25% rootbound.
2) I think it's safe to say that I care more about the bee's opinion of my lawn than the homeowner's association.  
But seriously, it smells awesome.
3) I think my plants are trying to contact the mothership. Possibly in hopes of escaping from my garden.
Bean's just excited that the hen and chicks likes building towers, too.
4) Role reversal:
Clover is a good first food, right?
5) The most exciting thing I found in the vegetable garden after coming back from Fourth of July week was this weed:
My trusty Audubon Field Guide says it's known as a piemaker, because the pods have crimped edges like a pie crust.

6) I can say that the front garden looks better than before the daffodils were ready to be pulled up. No one actually needed to use that sidewalk, right?
"Crop circle" gardening is very in this year.
7) But hey, at least I can take solace in my mad nature photography skills, right?
ProTip: It may take several minutes of waiting, but letting the fly land is crucial for the shot.
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