Friday, November 21, 2014

7qt: Edel or Bust!

After seeing the price, I was on the fence about going to Edel, but my wonderful husband talked me into pulling the trigger. I must really look like I need to get away...

Bean turned four this past week, which was great fun, as I think it was the first birthday that he really got the concept of it being his birthday, rather than just knowing there was some sort of ado. All he asked for was a balloon, some licorice (one of his recent stories mentioned licorice), and a bag of marshmallows to share with his friends (whom we saw that day, thanks to a trip to South Bend). He did get a few more things (or more than a few, thanks to being one of only two grandchildren so far).

I was so enamored by his lack of materialism that I refused to let DH rush him through present opening. Which meant it took us approximately two-and-a-half hours. I may rethink that strategy in the future...

I started this sweater in July. July 2009, that is. And even after the knitting was finished, it languished for a year, for lack of buttons and the dread of weaving in all those ends. But I finally finished it, and I love it, though I think I was a size smaller back when I started...


You may have heard once or twice that Advent is coming! If you're looking for something to do, you might have a look at the Jesse Tree Ornaments over at the Church Ladies'. You can get fancy with them, or you can literally send them to Kinko's (or whatever it is these days), cut them out, and be done. This reminds me that I need to shellac ours before we start using them this year, as Peanut has a penchant for putting whatever he finds straight in his mouth...

There are also some great Advent playlists and other devotionals over there; have a look!

So, a few days after the birthday festivities, both boys woke up with a fever. The night before that, I had uncharacteristically found myself in bed before 10, so I was sure I was coming down with it, too. I made sure get off to bed early the next night, too. I successfully evaded the bug only to, irony of ironies, give myself an I-will-hurl-if-I-stand-up migraine from messing with my sleep schedule.

We're headed 600 miles away in a couple of days, and of course have zero things packed (except the snacks! Priorities!) due to the sick days. I'm also supposed to bring something for a baby shower, and at this point, my best bet for a side dish is a pineapple. I'm thinking maybe Costco will save my butt this time...

I'm out of timely ideas, so instead here's a Halloween costume pic!
Those cobwebs are decorations. Decorations, you hear me?
Have a happy Thanksgiving!