Thursday, March 12, 2015

5Faves: Irresistible Outfits ... for Boys!

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Okay, we all know that tiny girl clothes can be so charming that they just magically fall into your cart. (True story: I once bought a dress at Carter's just in case the baby I was gestating turned out to be a girl. Spoiler alert: Nope.) But it's really not fair at all. (Not that girls' clothing doesn't have its own issues...) Girls get lovely confections of cuteness year-round, and boys get ... another round of graphic t-shirts. If it's Easter, you can choose one of two preppy options that are just downsized menswear.

Really, though, I can't help but feel that if American clothiers just tried a little, it wouldn't be hard to come up with something every bit as tantalizing for a mom with a little clothes money to burn. They need to take a few hints from the other side of the pond.

1. Les Zigouis

This is how my kids dress in the alternate version of my life where we are in a movie that involves traipsing about the city, getting caught in the rain, and always having a baguette sticking out of my bag. For the price of these outfits, though, they'd better magically transform diaper malfunctions and spills into rainbows and fairy dust. (Seriously, just commission a tailor to custom-make these for you and you'll still come out way ahead.)

On a more practical note, can we bring back the shorts suit, please? I get one season out of boys' pants, presuming the knees don't end up faded, grass-stained, or worse before then. I think my record for a pair of shorts is three years. There's a reason they did it like that back in the day, guys.

2. Boden

More on the casual side, but shouldn't a kiddo be able to look like Paddington Bear while he splashes in the puddles?

3. Marie-Chantal

Suspender shorts kill me every time. Make them tiny bubble-butt plaid suspender shorts and it's all over. Throw in some herringbone and he's ready to be an extra on Downton Abbey.

Do the French know what they're doing or what? Their outfits always seem to have just the right amount of detail, without crossing the line into fussiness. I think I could just die of the cuteness of these overalls, and this dress shirt onesie seems perfectly practical, with the jersey bottom, a pleat for wiggle room, and a collar that's made for someone without much of a neck.

5. H&M
Allow Peanut to model for you.
I had to throw in at least one that's actually accessible. I know, it's like the Old Navy of Europe. Still, amidst some items that just make me shake my head for their sheer weirdness, they do carry things that are just a notch up, style-wise. One time, it was a tiny pair of striped suspenders that just somehow happened to land in my basket. Last time, it was this argyle sweaters. Also, striped caps and tiny wing-tips!

Okay, moms of boys: your turn: where do you like to find clothes? Or maybe you've got a collection of not-so-attainable looks you've been saving on Pinterest. I'm curious!