Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pure Comfort Food for your Lent

Today at the Church Ladies', I make tomato soup without opening a single can (it's way easier than you think!).

Friday, February 20, 2015

7qt: Bright Spots in February

{1} My niece is the best niece

This week, I finally achieved my lifelong goal of becoming Auntie Em! Cannot wait to smooch those cheeks! (I mean, just look at them.)

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{2} Flowers for Valentine's

(I could really just stop at #1, but I'm told you need seven for this thing.)
I mean, I got real flowers, too (Which are still looking lovely, actually. Well chosen, husband!), but I'm pretty excited about these flowers. It's quite beyond any embroidery I've attempted before, but the supplies for the projects are mostly DMC floss, so if I mess up, at least I haven't put a lot of money into it!

{3} Sweater!

Real pictures forthcoming when good lighting and good hair days converge.
Finally finished off this sweater (at least, far enough to wear) this past weekend! There are still some loose ends on the inside, and I need to tack down my seam allowances and reinforce the sleeves. But I wore it, and it was awesome. Now I've got the colorwork bug, big time. I've got my eye on this, but I need to knit up some (many) unfinished projects, first.
I cut my knitting. Nobody died.


One of the questions people always ask me is how much money I save by knitting. I think my new answer is, "A few hundred dollars, if the website will let me zoom in close enough to count stitches." Seriously, though. Don't they just make you want to swoon? It almost would make February worth it.

{5} #LoveTHEONotreDame

It recently came to light that my alma mater has been thinking about dispensing with their core theology requirements in favor of checking that box with a "Catholic studies" type course or two in another department. Much to be said about that, angry letters to relevant parties, etc. But, it's been really wonderful to read the stories people have been posting on Twitter and this blog about how required theology courses changed their lives. Warms my little heart.

{6} Lent!

I put an exclamation point there, but I'm not really feeling it this year. However, two mornings out of three so far I've been awake (NOT of my own volition) and praying Lauds sometime around 5:00, so I guess I'm getting a little help. Can we at least make it 6:00, God? Monks pray it at 6:00. Thanks.

{7} Lenten Resolutions Booklet

If your Lent problem, like mine, tends to be half just remembering to do this stuff throughout the day, I've put together a little booklet (Prints on one page! Fits in your pocket!) so you can neatly check off the boxes each day, satisfy your OCD, and have a fruitful Lent all the way to the end.

Also, if you're looking for dinner ideas, Lucy has kicked off the festival of meatlessness for the year. Have a look at her recipe and the archives.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Snowstorm Edition


This sweater, two years in the making, is almost done. If we have a sudden warm snap, you can thank me for jinxing any chances of wearing it this season...


I suspect most of you got dumped upon once or twice in the past week. We got enough that DH got himself a snow day, and the wind stayed away, so it was nice enough to stay out in for quite some time.

Also happy: having a camera with a lens long enough to get these pictures from inside, wearing my pajamas. This was my actual perspective:


Our sidewalk is shoveled, the neighbor's is not. At least one of the school children seems not to care.


A bit after the fact. Shockingly, snapping a picture of the actual flood was not on my mind.
Do you know what happens if you have an older washer and don't quite click the "load size" knob into place? A quarter-inch of water all over your floor is what. And just when you're thinking how responsible your four-year-old is getting, you will find him sitting at the dining room table, totally oblivious to the fingers of water slowly turning his chair into an island...

At any rate, thank goodness for Shop-Vacs and family with the foresight to give them as Christmas gifts. And said four-year-old did redeem himself by (perhaps too gleefully) tackling his brother every time he got too close to the puddle.

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