Thursday, July 16, 2015

{p,f,h,r} Post-vacation edition

What's the quickest way to kill your router? Get a phone plan that relies on Wi-Fi for your data (I love it otherwise, though!). It means my computer time has been spent on catching up with what others are sharing, rather than writing myself. But until we get things up and running, here's a little picture dump for you!


The house is far from pretty after two weeks of vacation, but these are all straight from my garden, so I just go and stare at them instead of the laundry. The gladiolas are almost as big as my hand!


Every couple of years, our hen-and-chicks attempt to contact the mothership.

Bean tells me this is his, "Hey, this tea is not sweet!" face. Welcome back to the North, kid.


We recently had this clock passed down to us from my husband's family. Having the hours chimed reminds me of being back at Notre Dame where the Basilica bells were always in earshot. Time to teach the troops the Angelus!
It's amazing what two weeks of neglect will do for a garden
This pumpkin plant was maybe a foot across when we left; yesterday I had to pull over a foot of it out of the lawn and back into the garden!


What's good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say, so the weed situation is getting more than a little out of hand. Not pictured: any interior shots. Those are a little too real right now.

Pictured: Not something I planted, standing next to a good-sized pepper.