Monday, May 29, 2017

Flowers for Maisie

Last summer this time, everyone was telling me they hoped I got a girl, so I could have some fun dressing her up. I always protested (truthfully) that I love sewing for my boys, but I had to admit that a girl would present some great stashbusting opportunities.

Case in point, a gorgeous border print skirt that's been in my sewing pile waiting for a new life. It's been too big for me for years (hard to complain about that), but I never quite got around to downsizing it. A total remake, though, was too fun to resist!

My pattern inspiration was the Bow Dress from Pattern Magic, but I drafted my version to make it work for this upcyled project, and added lots of room to move for an almost-toddler. It was fun to work out the engineering for this project. The front and back are each cut all in one piece, with the front bodice twisting around itself to form the knot for the bow.

I kept the original skirt zipper, moving it to the center back. The back bodice is shaped with inverted pleats, which allowed me not to waste an inch of that pretty print!

The skirt lining became the bloomers, cut from a vintage (and by vintage, I mean my age) pattern. Even for babies, pattern sizing isn't what it used to be; this one said "newborn," but I can even get it on her over a cloth diaper! I liked the more shorts-like fit of this pattern in particular; with any luck, this outfit may still work as a top and shorts next summer.

I had just enough left over to top it off with a bow headband, and even found some ribbons in my box that matched the flowers in the print exactly.

Total cost for this project was zero! All I needed aside from the skirt was some leftover bias tape for the facings, and ribbon scraps for the headband rosettes.

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