Thursday, February 5, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Snowstorm Edition


This sweater, two years in the making, is almost done. If we have a sudden warm snap, you can thank me for jinxing any chances of wearing it this season...


I suspect most of you got dumped upon once or twice in the past week. We got enough that DH got himself a snow day, and the wind stayed away, so it was nice enough to stay out in for quite some time.

Also happy: having a camera with a lens long enough to get these pictures from inside, wearing my pajamas. This was my actual perspective:


Our sidewalk is shoveled, the neighbor's is not. At least one of the school children seems not to care.


A bit after the fact. Shockingly, snapping a picture of the actual flood was not on my mind.
Do you know what happens if you have an older washer and don't quite click the "load size" knob into place? A quarter-inch of water all over your floor is what. And just when you're thinking how responsible your four-year-old is getting, you will find him sitting at the dining room table, totally oblivious to the fingers of water slowly turning his chair into an island...

At any rate, thank goodness for Shop-Vacs and family with the foresight to give them as Christmas gifts. And said four-year-old did redeem himself by (perhaps too gleefully) tackling his brother every time he got too close to the puddle.

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