Monday, August 4, 2014

What I Wore Sunday: Bad Camera Edition

So, this is what happens when you fail to check your pictures on a real computer, even though you're about to send your camera back on a warranty claim.
Your normal-looking picture turns out to be out of focus, while the ones that did focus have bad lighting, an awkward angle, and look like you're wearing a very irreverent hat.

Sweater: Sears, forever ago.
Dress: Evan Picone (a gift)
Shoes: Seychelles

This was our first Mass back at the home parish with just our family in quite a while, which might explain the D- behavior from Bean. He tried to redeem himself after the closing hymn ("Oh, thanks for going to church!" "Did you like praying?"), but it was too late: no orange juice was purchased during the quick grocery run afterwards (even though DH might have been sadder about it than The Bean).

The day ended on a nicer note, though, as we just so happened to have some rib-eyes in the freezer, purchased in an Aldi sale before vacation, and there was fresh corn on the cob from Saturday's farmers market. I even mixed up some lemon-dill butter to go with it.

We've been praying Compline as a family lately (by candlelight, which is key to keeping the three-year-old with us for the whole 10 minutes), and he finished the day by showing us that he now knows the whole, "Protect us, Lord..." antiphon.

I'll take it.

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