Friday, December 5, 2014

7qt: Mama Ain't Got No Instagram

A colleague sent this to DH for Christmas. Six pounds. They are going to have to roll us out the door before we're through this.
Made it to Ikea over Thanksgiving. All our tall books have a home now!
My Christmas Tree Assembly Assistant. Only took us four hours to figure out we had part of it upside down. Also, I'm missing a wrench.
Fake trees go against everything I stand for, but you can pack a lot of lights on them.
Jesse Tree Ornaments here.
Fruit cakes ready to go in the oven, only about a month late. Maybe they'll just "be thirsty" (Bean's words) every day, instead of every other.
Bean found butterfly wings. Now I just need to find my sweater...
Who needs a playpen? "Oh, I'm just in da tent wif my brudder!"
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  1. Fun! My kids would LOVE having a tent set up inside to play in!

    1. It's the best! We scored this one in the clearance section at Gander Mountain a couple summers back, in a kids' set with a cheapo sleeping bag, flashlight, and compass. I think my favorite thing about a tent is it takes almost no space to store in the back of the closet when it becomes old hat, and it's easy to pull out when it's been away long enough to be a novelty again!