Friday, May 13, 2016

My Sunday Best: Mother's Day

I'm really excited that Rosie has picked up the torch on the Sunday outfit posts, and hereby resolve to sail in at the last minute with my poorly-lit pics more often.

We spent the weekend moving five yards of manure around the yard, so Mother's Day was pretty low-key here. We did spend an hour at the zoo later in the afternoon, followed by hunting down the only deep-dish pizza in town. At Mass, Thing One was so here there and everywhere in the pew that we actually went through with revoking donut priviledges. Thing Two, in true little brother fashion, proceeded to make Bean look even worse in comparison by pointing out Jesus and "Ai-YU-ya" at every opportunity, while imitating Father's gestures.
Dress: ages-old Anthropology (I think I may have actually paid $19). Still wearable courtesy the elastic panel in the back.
Sweater: Banana Republic Outlet. I wear it every few months because I forget that small fingers cannot resist poking through the mesh all through Mass.
Shoes: Penney's clearance, selected by Peanut.
I usually try to get a picture of the boys on Mother's Day to send to their godmothers, but Peanut fell asleep between Dunkin and home, so this is what we've got:

I'm told that upon waking, he got halfway through his stretch-and-yawn, then suddenly stiffened when he remembered. "I EAT NONUTS!" May we all be so single-minded (but about Jesus, instead of donuts).Bean, meanwhile, has apparently just been drafted by New Orleans


  1. I *love* dresses with elastic panels in the back! They really don't make enough of them... So forgiving for the constantly-changing-body-type crowd :) And I have some sweaters with holes in the pattern that I specifically wear to Mass *because* Peter will stay quietly occupied poking his fingers through the holes!

  2. Ha! The picture of Bean made my day.

  3. Happy Mothers Day, Love It.. Inspired! You Gonna Love This XoXo