Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Three things to keep me sane

Did you know that newborns can projectile spit up? They totally can. And then they will immediately fall asleep and smile at you.

Pretty sure I cleaned up everything that can come out of a child this afternoon. This included a mess that necessitated undressing The Bean in the bathtub. This evening he walked up to me and said, quite pathetically, "No turn on shower, Mama." No kid, you were spared that horrible fate, but only because I thought of an empty squirt bottle at the last second. Not that that stopped you from turning the whole ordeal into a slippery wrestling match, and then tearfully begging me to put your extremely soiled soccer ball shirt back on when it was done.

It wasn't until quite a bit afterwards that I recalled this morning, when Bean was the one who almost brought me to tears. After breakfast, he climbed up, completely unsolicited, onto the bottom rung of my chair, so he could kiss Peanut's head and say, "I love you, baby."
Here for when I need a reminder that they really do like each other, deep down. :-)
It didn't stop me from requiring a glass of bourbon (Redemption Hi-Rye that my BIL kindly left/forgot here after Christmas) along with some Very Dark Chocolate this evening, but, thankfully, those weren't the only two things I had to keep me warm.

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