Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Which We Learn of Sustaining Books

This Saturday is Winnie-the-Pooh Day, and the wonderful Kathryn marks it by writing on the books (longtime favorites in this house), and their Disneyfication.

Pooh ad absurdum. The fellow in the middle looks pleasant enough, I suppose. The one on the right looks like he wouldn't know a Thoughtful Spot if he stumbled right into it.
This passage, in particular, sums up my feelings beautifully:
I'm not meaning to hate on Mr. Disney. I have thousands of Disney-themed memories; but most of them have the same feeling as shooting bottle rockets or eating Skittles. Milne & Shepard remind me of discovering a secret crop of cat tails by a pond or drinking chicken noodle soup when I was sick. To put it in the words of Pooh Bear himself, the original is a "Sustaining Book."
Read the full article, which was well worth even my limited time, for thoughts on Christopher Robin as an aspirational figure, as well as some audiobook recommendations that I'll be looking into myself.

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