Friday, April 4, 2014

Seven Quick Takes around the Interwebs

Linking up with Jen.

Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook looks amazing and I must get my hands on it. It looks like a lifesaver for moms with little kids. (via food in jars)

Clearly the best April Fools' Prank of the year: Dominicana stages a hostile takeover of The Jesuit Post, but not without retaliation. Jesuit jokes ensue.

This amazing video of Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing Bono set to the Jaws theme. (photo here).

Thirty Most Unnecessary Uses of Quotation Marks. Set down your drink before you read this one.
This sign is actually pretty accurate
Holly sent over the link to these amazing posters of great Catholic thinkers. If I had a school room (or, you know, kids who could read), I'd be all over these. I just love it when Catholic media actually has good design and high production values.

And, saving the longer read for last, "Saving Catholic Culture from Destruction":
The second departure has been an unfortunate reduction of our understanding of the parish church and associated buildings—that is, the physical nucleus from which the very life of the parish is nurtured and reinforced—to that of a simple collection of utilitarian assets and liabilities that are always up for potential negotiation. A common justification for such an undermining of the importance of sacred place in Catholic life is the assertion, ad nauseam, that the Church is the people of God and not a building. 
This, of course, is entirely true, but was there ever really a time when faithful Catholics thought otherwise? This straw man argument has been used in recent decades to such an extent, that many have come to think the worship environment is a place no different than any other. In a short two or three generations, the “just a building” mantra has enabled the infliction of so extensive a devastation upon the physical fabric of the Catholic world—through careless loss, senseless disfigurement, and introduction of novel forms of banality—that it would cause any outside enemy of Christendom to simply sit back with folded hands and smile.

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