Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Acquisition Mode

For a while, I thought I had it under control. I'd come out of a good used book store with maybe one or two things, if even. Lately, though, the book acquisition has been picking up steam, for better or worse. I blame "The Squirrel's Birthday." (The source of this blog's title, incidentally.) It's been a great favorite of ours, and I wanted to find some of the author's other volumes. And that's how it started:

Hop on over to Half Price Books. They don't have what you're looking for, but you do come out with like-new copies of Milne's poetry for $3 each, so one could hardly call that a waste of time.
Go online to Better World Books, manage to find two of the three books in question for a good price (still AWOL: A Great and Complicated Adventure). Realize that you're going to be near their warehouse that weekend, so you click "pick up in store."
Library covers are a mom's best friend.
Arrive at the outlet with Mom to find a sign that says "Saturdays: $10 box sale!" That's right; fill a box with books for $10. Manage to keep it to splitting one box rather than each getting your own. Get a big stack of paperback classics, plus "The Enchanted Castle," which you're quite looking forward to after reading this post about E. Nesbit's books. (found via Meg's Facebook page)
Visit family for the week. Mom has a few books for Bean, of course.
Books are our love language.
Drop in to church while the homeschool co-op is meeting. One of the moms has brought boxes of books that she is purging. Peruse.
Pretty sure I grabbed more than this, but I'd already shelved them. That's Hans Brinker on the right.
Back at home, go garage saling. Find a box of $1 cookbooks. Prepare to leave with only two, but then remember that the Frugal Gourmet introduced your family to the apple omelet and pick up three more. The fact that I'm Just Here for the Food turns out to be autographed does nothing to help curb your habit.
Tom and Becky, what were you thinking?
Check your email; someone on a listserv with Mom is getting rid of a full set of '96 World Books. Claim them. Be pleased when you find out they're like new, and are the leather bound ones, not the ones that make a picture when they're on the shelf.
Physical media forever!
Speaking of shelves...


  1. What a nice surprise on the encyclopedias! I hadn't even opened the boxes.

    1. Yeah, if it weren't for a few post-it flags, you'd never know they were used. In a genius move on the publisher's part, there's only gold leaf on the tops of the pages, so you don't wear it off when you're thumbing through.