Thursday, January 22, 2015

You Won't Catch Me Saying I Never Win Anything

Not after today!

I discovered Big White Farmhouse through mutual friend Caitlyn, and was incredibly thrilled to be the winner of their birthday giveaway!
One of the best things about indie shops? The wrapping!
Really, if they'd let me pick anything at all in their shop, it would have been this recipe box! For all the things I do digitally these days, I'm still a great lover of hand-copying any recipe I'm going to use more than once, so I already have quite a collection of well-loved recipe cards, and I can promise this will be well used. (And it's so much lovelier than my old, too-small, cardboard box.)
It even has dividers! I'm moving on up in the world!
Do head over and have a look at some of their things (this apron has caught my eye...). And thanks again, ladies!


  1. Ooh, I love the recipe box! I need to become more diligent about writing down my go-to recipes so that they're handy.

  2. When I saw that Emily M won the giveaway (I was hoping it was me! haha) I wondered if it was you... I'm glad that it was! :)