Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Five Favorites: Books for a Long Winter

Sure, it's almost over, but until we actually have an outside that we want to be in, we're going to need a bit of distraction. Here are some books to get you through the home stretch:

An exuberant romp through the berry patch, this ode to all that is fresh and yummy about summer will have you resolving to go Pick All The Berries this summer.

Best read: With a thick layer of jam on homemade bread (because you won't feel like baking in the summer).

Extra Yarn
A little girl finds a magic box of yarn, and proceeds to cover her drab wintry town in color. A simple, silly story in which generosity triumphs over selfishness.

Best read: With the KnitPicks catalogue nearby. Or a good supply of paint chips, if that's more your crafty style.
Little House in the Big Woods
Because if Laura and family could survive winter in a log cabin, you certainly can make it in your climate-controlled abode. And if this picture doesn't make you feel at least a little bit better, I don't know what will.

Best read: With the recipe for snow candy ready to make.
Lois Ehlert’'s Growing Garden Set 
Okay, so I only have four list items, but since the last one is three books, I'm rolling with it. The Bean has Eating the Alphabet memorized, and loves to share his knowledge with everyone in the produce section (even if it's something he'd never actually deign to eat). The other two will have you ready to get your hands dirty and make something grow.

Best read: With the seed catalogue nearby.


  1. We just finished Little house in the big woods! We're on to little house on the prairie. I'm not sure who's enjoying it more, me or my girls! :)

    1. Isn't it the best? We've been kind of skipping around to different chapters based on what picture catches my little guy's eye, but it's so much fun remembering all the stories I'd forgotten since I last read it, probably two decades ago!

  2. I'm not a knitter, but I love that picture book Extra Yarn!