Friday, March 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen, of course.

1) Is there anything uglier and more welcome than early spring? It snowed again this morning, but it's already half gone, and the daffodils (which are usually getting close to blooming by now) have finally started to poke up.
I should say something inspiring about spring and resurrection, but I'm actually kind of creeped out by the way they're just coming up through that leaf. Oh well, the flowers will make me happy soon.
2) We're on track for FOUR close friends (not just acquaintances or people we send Christmas cards to) having babies this month. Three down, and Mary Liz's baby is officially allowed to show now that her husband is done with written exams. There's been a lot of knitting going on here, y'all.

3) Went on an epic JoAnn run last Friday, and bought supplies for two spring coats (me and The Bean), an Easter suit, and two of the aforementioned baby gifts. I think I even accidentally bought something that didn't have a coupon.

These are mine, in case you can't tell
4) Bought navy fabric for the Bean's suit, and I was planning on binding the jacket edges in white, but now I'm having second thoughts on whether that's too preppy even for a three-year-old. The fact that most of the pictures of this look on Google images are women's blazers isn't really boosting my confidence in this plan. Thoughts?

5) Since I really hate cutting out projects (or maybe it's just clearing off the dining room table), I decided to try something different and just cut out a half dozen or more projects at once to get it over with. I'm averaging less than one a night at this point, though, so the jury's still out on this method.

6) Thanks to Saints Patrick and Joseph, we had some epic Reuben sandwiches on Wednesday. I'm talking homemade dressing (with homemade pickles in it, thanks to Mom), hand-sliced leftover corned beef, and the last of the Jarlsberg from a Christmas Costco run. The only so-so thing was the bread. I'm pretty sure that if there is more salt than rye flour in your ingredients, you should be legally required to put scare quotes around Marble "Rye", Kroger.
No scare quotes for you, corned beef. You were amazing.
7) For everyone who keeps requesting pics, I promise to sort through them soon, but here's one for now.
Fat Peanut is Fat.

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