Friday, September 26, 2014

Seven Quick Takes


 Peanut's been working on a front tooth for a while now. I keep swearing it'll be in by the next day, obnoxiously poking around to see if it's there; nope. Meanwhile, I can't be the only one who thinks teething rings are kind of lame these days. Didn't you used to be able to put them in the freezer?
Even little peanuts know that a one that is not cold is scarcely a one at all.

It's taking so long that one of the side teeth got a jump on it while I wasn't looking, leaving him looking kind of snaggly (in a cute way).


The crankies haven't stopped him from doing things like this:
At left: Peanut protests his entirely just imprisonment.
At right: "Um, Mama needs to sweep."

As soon as my cherry tomato finally curls up and dies (can you tell I've had a great relationship with my garden this summer?), I'm commandeering that much-less-tippy pot for this plant. Also because this plant is literally trying to escape:
"Heeelp meee. Heeeeelp mee!"


Eye of the Tiber: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Asks To Be Reinstated As Pope
"once we asked him where he was going, he simply said, ‘I’m back,’ then proceeded to put his sunglasses on even though we were inside.”


I was poking around Amazon for Notre Dame stuff, and ran across this shirt:
 Is there any better way to say, "Yep, that's a place, all right."? But hey, it has great features like, "Never Worn" and "Awesome Shirt!" I'm thinking this would be a perfect gift for some of my SB friends about February or so. Right when they can't remember there was ever anything before the Permacloud.


Speaking of South Bend, Knute Rockne's house is up for sale. In case you have $500K and massive piles of football nostalgia lying around.


I'll end with an admonition: PEOPLE. Buy books. Otherwise publishers start getting desperate, and then this happens:

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