Monday, September 22, 2014

WIWS: Pancake Breakfast Edition

 Bean's Mass attendance grade was probably a C- today, which is pretty good considering we spent Saturday at a raucous get-together with eleven under six. And considering that he spent Sunday morning insisting that "We will not go to reg'lar church! We will go to parachute church and guys will jump out of planes!" (Cowboy churches: consider this a challenge.)

Though of course (of course), on the once-in-a-blue moon that we got a stewardship homily, he decided not to put his coins in the basket and instead insist (audibly to at least the next pew over) "No! No, put them back in the purse!" He also, I found out after Mass, decided to rescind his Sign of Peace to the lady behind us at the last second. Hmm... maybe we'll make that a D...

Anyway, he was not-terrible enough that we decided to go to the pancake breakfast in the gym after Mass. The kids ate four pancakes between them, so I'd say they got our money's worth for us, considering they were both free.  One of the Knights asked Peanut if he wanted to join them, but another insisted he was probably more pure-of-heart than their usual applicant. I think he'd still be up for it as long as they kept feeding him pancakes, though.

Anyway, on to the clothes.
Top: VanHeusen Outlet
Skirt: upcycled
Belt: Kohl's
Shoes: Steve Madden (these, in red)

I bought these shoes way back before I was married, which 4" heels were still doable for a day that involved walking. Now they mostly keep their appearances to brief Sunday morning forays.

The skirt was some sort of hand-me-down that was both too big and kind of a dumpy length, so I took it in up top to make it high-waisted and my size. I might do a little more tweaking, as it's a tad lumpy in spots, but the fabric is of the sort that you can throw it in the corner for weeks and it will be magically unwrinkled when you pick it up, so I think it's worth salvaging.

Oh, the best part of my Sunday? DH had to clean out his car because he's doing airport runs for a conference, and Bean insisted on helping, lest he miss out on any treasures, so I got a virtually uninterrupted afternoon for myself while Peanut napped. I may just have napped, too.

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  1. Is Peanut eating pancakes now? If so, I just made a serendipitous purchase for him (a onesie with "Short Stack" and anthropomorphic pancakes embroidered on it). Cute and definitely in my cheap-o price range.

    1. Nice. Peanut is eating everything now. The first time I put Cheerios in front of him, he executed a perfect pincer move and put it straight in his mouth like he had months of experience. He'll eat almost a whole banana in a sitting if you let him.