Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WIWS: Game night edition

The "S" is for Saturday this time. Notre Dame was playing a night game, so, since we were already going to be up a little late, we decided to make a date of it (Netflixing "Ghostbusters," because we're hopelessly romantic sorts), and sleep way, way in on Sunday.
With apologies for the awkward angle. My camera holder was busy, so I tried to go it on my own.
Dress: Anthropologie (pretty sure I acutally paid the $19.95 that's listed)
Cardigan: me
Shoes: Kohl's (a little gold to go with my blue)

On a fashion note, I'm pretty sure everyone should have one pair of satin flats in a bright color. Wear them on your slobbiest day and you'll still get compliments.

The kids were both good at Mass (good enough that I tossed that box of pumpkin Krispy Kremes in my cart at the post-Mass grocery run, anyway), and Mass was a little higher than usual for the feast day. The Bean got to hear his name in the Roman Canon, and I actually didn't have any complaints about the music. There was even a bit of Latin!  Tack on an Irish victory and a Sunday morning that actually was easy, and it was about as good as a weekend gets.

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  1. I love the sweater with that dress. And I think I have the same shoes--I should bring them out sometime!

  2. Seriously. Pull them out some day when you just can't bring yourself to care. Instant cuteness!